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You know you’d think a person would learn. You experience something and you know how it feels and you know how it ends; and then life gives you something better and your previous decision is re-enforced as correct.

So now that you’re back in the same situation a few kilometers down that highway, feeling the same and wanting the same, what do you do? You know how this goes. You know it because you’ve already been here. You’ve played this part only alongside a different face. You thought, “Hey! Different face means a different outcome!”


You were wrong. You should have trusted your experience like you always have. You decided to follow the advice of someone whose not you and you’re living exactly what you’ve lived before.

So what do you do now? Do you play it out the way you played it out before and hope that you can repeat the same good thing that followed the useless thing? Or do you learn from before and just save yourself the waste of time and that extra notch on your belt?

Do you let spite and boredom cloud your judgement and make you act out of character? Or do you take the adult approach and stop it all?

You know the answer. The correct answer is to be an adult.

You know what you’re going to do though? You’re going to wait it out. You’re going to try to hold back the spite and boredom and NOT repeat the choices like last time but you’re going to do it for the wrong reasons. You’re going to do it because you’re still clinging to something that has long since evaporated; and because you’re clinging, there’s no room for hope for the future.

And that my dear, is the cross you bear.

You hope for the past, you live in the what ifs of the future hence for you, there is no present.

Not until you’re given a reason to start living in the present…

for a love it could never touch