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I see what you’re doing. This time, you can’t fool me. This time I see you coming. Yet, as before, I am powerless against you. Defenseless and cornered. In the same corner you left me in last time. The one I’ve been paralyzed in ever since you took my light away.

My light that shone so bright. My light that gave me safety. My light that you twisted and tainted into something I cannot recognize. A poor excuse: A lingering shadow of what used to be so beautiful.

It is with a heavy heart that my body is pushed to move, each morning bringing with it the realization that my light goes further and further from me. And then they ask why I search for shadows that have long passed me by. How would they know what it feels like to be whole one minute and torn in two the next.

So I see what you’re doing. This time, I’m ready for you. This time, I’ll watch you from a distance with my arms crossed and a smirk across my face. Do you know why I smirk? Because there is nothing you can ever take from me again. I have nothing left to lose. You will never win again.

You play your games of chance and destiny, and I’ll wait; and the moment you start thinking you can switch to cruise, I’ll be ready… to take my power, right out of your hands.

Then, you and I will finally meet.