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Ooh the reason I hold on
’cause I need this hole gone

[youtube http://youtu.be/JF8BRvqGCNs]

To dream of a love that surrounds us
A blanket in those cold winter nights
A fiery passion to uplift us;
to take us to new heights

And when the world is dark,
and when the moon is high,
She dreams of flight

Flight in that night sky
Where you are the wind that surrounds her;
the stars that light her way
And she knows you won’t let her fall

For you are the dark and the light
It is you for whom she dreams tonight
Encompassing, you help her take flight,
Flight in that dark, starry sky

To long for a love that is forever,
To need a love that won’t deny
You are the spirit that guides her
Forever with that moon, so bright.

Love is not something you blindly experience and then come out of the same. It is transformative. If you’re having trouble identifying whether something is love or not, something to consider is the effect it has had on you. I’m not saying that love is selfish and solely about what it does for you, but rather when you love someone with all that you’ve got, and you let it reverberate through you and impact you completely, you will come out a different person… or more aware of who you really are.

Brianna Wiest