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Lies I was told, lies I believed, and lies he isn’t alone in the world for spewing. Bravo to each of you. You deserve a fucking reward for your inhumanity. A reward for being as heartless as the ones that came before you. I never doubted a word you said. You lied the whole time.

Can I Keep You...

I have been ‘writing’ to you all fucking day long in my head, while I drive down the street, as I sit and wait at the stop light, even when I’m in the middle of conversations and by conversations I mean the other person speaking while I absently nod my head and throw in a few mmhmms and uh huhs to add just the right amount of fake to hide the fact that I am having a conversation of my own, in my head, with you.


Yea, crazy. Story of me.

I want to be mad and say angry things and turn all this hurt into anger but I can’t. I can’t find my way out of the hurt to do anything. I feel dark and cold. Even now as I sit in the sun, I see the sun, I don’t feel it though. I don’t feel anything. I…

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