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Love Letters, Part I

“…I will get better and better for you everyday and as our relationship progresses I will make sure that all aspects of our togetherness progress.

No more games and no more being spiteful. I know that there is no reason for me to be spiteful and it is very childish and I’m going to change that about myself right now. This is not a game and there is no need to compete or let egos get in the way. This is a relationship and there is only space for love, trust and understanding. And I will also never extend things. If you’ve gotten upset and need time to heal and have thus switched your phone off, I will keep trying to get in touch with you and once you are ready, whenever that may be, I will do whatever is necessary to make you feel better. I will always keep Your feelings at the forefront and keep them constantly in mind when talking to you. I will make a conscious effort to do this till it starts coming naturally to me. And I will start responding with your point of view right in front of me. I can’t ever be selfish and let my feelings come before yours, that is wrong and I will never ever do that.

Now talking about my me changing my perception and realizing that you would never be irrational or create drama. I know that you always have our relationship’s best interests in mind and anything you say or do or bring up is of the most importance and is only to better things for us. I know that now, and I will never think or say or feel that again. You are faultless and the only problems we have in our relationship are because of me and I will fix myself to be the best man any man can be for you.

I know that on several occasions I have unnecessarily over analysed things and been judgemental. That is wrong because in love you don’t do things like that, you just love and be loving and be in love no matter what. I need to keep in mind at all times that there is no space for something like this in our relationship. There is no point to it and it is wrong, because when you love, you don’t judge, because you just can’t, because you love your partner so much you know they can never be wrong towards you, and I know that and I will never make you feel that way again, as though you’re being judged by your own partner.

Next, the friend thing. I understand that even though we are in a relationship, we are still individuals and it is important that we maintain our individuality. And also, I am your partner and should never make you feel pressurised. I am your support, not a chain and anchor that’s pulling you down. And keeping all these thoughts in mind, I can assure you that I will never put any kind of pressure on you or make you feel as though you have to do certain things with me. I am going to be content just knowing that I am an important part of your life and I am happy just being a part of it. And this will never change. Not now, not when we’re married, not ever. I am a part of your life and that makes me happy and you are entitled to do whatever you want without feeling any level of worry about my reaction. I must be kind and considerate.

I will never get pissy or sulky and always keep in mind that end of the day we’re ‘together’, and thus nothing else matters. You shouldn’t feel pulled in my direction, you should feel attracted, and I will make sure of that. I will trust you and your judgement and always keep in mind that you know what you’re doing and you know what is right and I should never worry. I will never make you feel as though I don’t trust you ever again.

You have always been the perfect partner and never given me any reason to doubt you. I will let go of all insignificant things that I have unnecessarily held on to and used as ammunition when we’ve had a negative conversation. First of all the ammo thing is wrong because this is not a game, and I will never do that again and secondly I will never think it’s ok to bring up past things. Because even when those things have happened, in some way or another you were right to do what you did and you have always been perfect. You have always been there for me and looked after me and when you haven’t it’s because I’ve pushed you away and not given you the chance to do so. You are perfect in every way and I am so lucky to have someone like you in my life.

Also, I will stop being so clingy and hang out with guy friends sometimes so you get the chance to hang out with your girl friends and not feel suffocated. I promise to do everything it takes. To do all these things and more. To do whatever is required and whatever it takes. To be there for you the right way. To support you in every way and give us the chance to start building the right relationship. I’m going to change everything from now onwards. I’m going to prove myself to you in every way and make you the happiest woman alive. From now on we will have a care free, relaxed, happy and loving relationship.

I Love you so much my baby. I’m going to be right for you from now on, that is my promise to you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

Yours forever,

Your baby, ——.”

I love you with every beat of my heart, with every fibre in my body. You are the sky and I am a lowly plain. From now on, I look upon you from the image of my heart and not my mortal eyes. You are my love, my life, my soul, the very heart of me. And love you I shall from dusk till dawn, and for all eternity.


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