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“Hey you!

I’m writing this letter to address the issues that we have been facing in our relationship. I know its sooner than you expected, but I think its good to talk about everything as soon as possible. Space is never good in a relationship, and when you want to marry someone, and spend your life with her, you need to show her that she can count on you to get past things as soon as possible. Because that’s what a husband should do for his wife. Never leave her alone or wondering. A good partner should always be there, and always be able to show that he would do whatever it takes to mend his ways and to make whatever changes are necessary to improve the  relationship.

I am writing today, my love, to tell you that I am a 110% sure that I will do all the things that we spoke about. To tell you that you can count on me to do everything that is necessary to make our relationship beautiful and full of everything positive. I don’t need time away from you, I needed a reality check. Which is what you gave me when you explained to me how utterly wrong things were. You shook me to my core and gave me the scare I think I needed.

Everything I have done recently has been wrong and I appreciate you bringing everything in front of my eyes. I know what I have to do, because I know how badly I don’t want to lose you. You are everything to me and I’ve I’m going to do whatever it takes. Let me address all our issues one by one and tell you what I’m going to do.

Ok starting with the attitude I’ve been showing you. I’d first of all like to apologize for it. I’m so sorry. And I would like to acknowledge that it’s been an on and off issue. But it’s going to change right now. I’ve been thinking about everything and I know how wrong I’ve been. I let my anger or frustration get the better of me. But I’m not going to let it happen again. I don’t care if it comes from immaturity or whatever. I’m not going to be that way with you ever again. I will calm myself and collect my thoughts and remind myself of where you’re coming from and respond in the most respectful manner. No anger, no frustration, no nothing. Just simple normal me. And I’ll keep forcing myself to be calm, and collected and eventually it will become so natural that it will just come to me and I will never ever be able to again. I’ll never show you attitude again, I promise! And you don’t have to worry about that ever again.

Next about me not being there for you the right way. Let me start by saying that I realize how horrible I was the other day. You had every right to be upset, because your feelings were hurt. And it was my responsibility to cover you with a blanket of love and protection and make you feel good about yourself and take away your upset feelings. It was utterly selfish of me to make it about myself and not pay attention to you and your feelings. I’m sorry for that. It will never happen again. Even if you call me at five in the morning, I will come to you! Because I am at fault and I owe it to you to be there for you. I owe it to you because I want to spend my life with you and I need to show you day in and day out for all of our lives why you should spend your life with me. From this point on, I will only give and not expect anything in return. Whenever, wherever, however, I will be there for you, because you are my first priority. And once we are married and we have less of the problems we have from my family. (I understand that we will still have problems but they will be of a different nature) What I mean is that they won’t be able to stop me from being there for you 24/7, then you won’t have to worry about a thing. But just to be clear, I will do that now also. But I promise to up it to 500% once we’re engaged and then 1000% when we’re married. My point being, that I will only ever improve. I will get better and better for you everyday and as our relationship progresses I will make sure that all aspects of our togetherness progress…”

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