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Th Four Aspects of Love out of which the first: Loving-kindness which is not only the desire to make someone happy, but also the ability to bring happiness to the person you love. The second aspect: Compassion which is not only the desire to ease the pain of another but the ability to do so.


I find the dwindling number of book stores in Dubai, absolutely appalling. So one day, my sister and I went to Borders at Mall Of the Emirates and I usually head towards the Psychology section. I find the books there the most interesting. The section being placed in a corner, I found the area quite comforting, safe almost. Books of all sizes, and of all topics… and then I see these collection of small books wedged between these behemoth books and I see the title… True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart.

Fascinated by the title, I reach for the book. It was such a small book… how could one small book even start to comprehend the complexities of this thing we humans call love? Written by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnames Buddhist monk, to whom I researched, is a  teacher, author, poet and peace activist who now lives in France. What…

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