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Because flowers mean “I’m sorry”.

It’s something unexpected. It’s something I thought I’d never find again.

As I was driving to work today, I just thought of last night and the past few days and I got the biggest smile on my face since …a very long time. I thought no one would ever be able to make me smile like that, but I was wrong; and this time, I am happy to be wrong.

The amount of comfort I feel, it’s a lot more than what I have felt since with anyone else. I just always told myself that was something that would take time and I would have to work on it. Not true.  It’s about compatibility. And just imagine, if it’s so comfortable after just two meetings, how comfortable would it be if a relationship were to be formed? Obviously I’m getting ahead of myself and over analyzing like I always do. But the way he’s continuously surprised and wowed about the comfort between us; as am I.

And the way he watches me, and he knows that I know he is. The way he smells my hair when we hug. The way I smell like him when I get home. It’s all pretty damn sweet. I started this, whatever it is, without expectations from him or myself. And the day before when he made a mistake, I was a little annoyed but I had no expectations. We aren’t together for him to owe me anything nor did I expect an apology. But boy did I get one! Messages all night and then in the morning – I told him it wasn’t a big deal. But then we met and he pulled out the bouquet of red roses to say “I’m sorry.” It’s little things like that, that make me smile.

Taking me shopping, being concerned about me getting home yet not wanting to stop spending time. The last time I spent 17 hours straight with someone, was around two years ago. And to spend that much time and still not be sick of each other nor be uncomfortable, now that’s something really rare to find. I thought I’d never find it again. I guess time will tell how this unfolds.

But for now, this is the fun part and I just. Can’t. Stop. Smiling!

(Plus, I noticed yesterday that my horoscope for May 24th to 25th, the night we met, was A Match Made in Heaven. Intriguing!)