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Everybody has one. That one special person that they shared something unique with. Something fiery, something insane, something passionate, something …love.

That’s the one person you can never turn back from. You come into each other’s lives at an unexpected time. You connect on a level that surprises you. And when you fall …you fall so hard.

Then come the moments where the fire between you two becomes all-consuming. It consumes you, and you consume each other. It burns, and you end up burning each other. Some make the mistake of burning each other beyond repair.

But then begins the fight. The fight to survive and you push and you pull till you’re both exhausted. Yet there’s always something holding you to each other. That magical invisible thread of love, of a bond that cannot be explained. You try to understand it, you try to rationalise it, but it’s not ‘practical’; it makes no sense. Yet it’s the only thing that gives sense to the world. Without it, it’s all just passing trains and people walking through a crowded city street.

And when you’ve burnt each other out or just let yourself let go for even a moment, you lose each other. But no matter where you end up, they’re right there with you. Watching you, reminding you of times past, making you feel something no one else seems to be able to make you feel… It’s in those moments, that you realise the worth. It’s in those moments that you come to accept that there is love. And that love, is an eternal flame. You might be able to bottle it. But somehow, it never really dies out.

And a new struggle begins. The struggle to just be …with the realisation, that person is a part of you now. The realisation that you will now have to go through life always carrying that love as a part of your soul; but never having it by your side. And if fate decides to play with you, it’ll bring that person back your way. And each time is spent with the mind struggling to accept the circumstances; to just be, and not fall back. To let go and keep moving forward. Each time is painful, it’s confusing. It’s a war between the soul and the mind. Between one’s heart and one’s world.

And then comes the real moment of clarity. When you realise the meaning behind it all. You realise what is meant by ‘the love of your life’.

Just so you know, there’s a space that only you can fill. Just so you know, I loved you then, I guess I always will.

-James Earl Jones