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Joss Whedon – A genius as always.

A Constant Visual Feast

The Avengers didn’t have to do much to impress me. Being as honest as possible, Joss Whedon’s attempt at making a respectable entrance into the 2012 summer season with the capstone picture of Marvel Studios’ long-gestating superhero bonanza just needed to be tolerable to get a pass from me. Put bluntly, C-level material alone would have been a treat. So imagine my surprise that The Avengers, against all my jaded anxieties, happens to be better than serviceable; in point of fact, it’s  pretty incredible, an exhilarating, eye-popping, and exhausting time at the movies and one of the most well-done blockbusters in recent memory. There’s nothing better than relinquishing one’s cynicism for unabashedly optimistic and joyful mayhem.

What The Avengers is not, however, is singular– treat this as a standalone film and you may be lost, but bring along a Marvel guide and you’ll thrill at Whedon’s creation as much…

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