‘Men who fantasize about woman on woman action or lesbianism, they lack manhood. Watching one woman do something to another, what you here for? displaying your balls?’
Hahahahahahahaha …that’ll never get old. And so true!


  • When someone says:

“I’ve had enough I’m going to be myself now” it means = I’m going to be mean and bitchy/assholic in nature, because my niceness served no gain. Because if, THAT is the REAL person…. then honey, why would you not use it in the first place as the means to your end.

  • People have a tendency to be good to others and expect that when their times comes around, the one bestowed a favour on, would come through. DON’T! When did doing good translate to an obligation on another person and a right on oneself to expect the same?
  • When someone calls and asks: “Hey, Whats up?” They don’t really want to know what you’re upto, they have a specific NEED to address in the next opportunity to speak. And when you respond with “nothing much, you tell”. It doesn’t literally mean, NOTHING or they want to know what you’re…

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