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Recently, a wise lady was talking about fate. I’m a big believer in fate and destiny, faith, and the usual “everything happens for a reason” deal.

The talk started in relation to a girl who recently got married after her first engagement broke off. That engagement was supposedly perfect. All the things a girl’s family would look for in the guy and the family were there – good education, settled, good family background, decent upbringing, etc. Yet, after the engagement, the couple realised that they were incompatible.

When they broke it off, like in our society (Pakistan), the girl was blamed. Most people thought that she had gone abroad for her studies and found somewhere there. She hadn’t. It was all talk. This wise lady went to a spiritual man – for answers. He told her that the engagement function was grand. And it was at this magnificent function, that “nazar lag gayi” – basically meaning that someone’s envious wish cosmically hurt the happy union (Urdu: Nazar directly translated means Eye. Lag gayi meaning it happened).

What she went on to say next is what got me thinking. Loosely translated:

They say that envy like that can change one’s destiny.

Hence, though she was meant to marry that particular fiancé, her destiny was changed and the union broke. Her destiny changed and made her union with her current husband possible.

So then, if they say that envy like that can change one’s fate.

And it is also said that a prayer can change one’s fate (in Islam).

Then isn’t it possible that even if destiny has been changed by someone’s envious wish, a prayer to God can bring destiny back on to the original path?

So then, if I pray to God enough to bring you back to me – will God change destiny back and make it right again?