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Valentine’s day is coming up. I was about to start feeling bad till I realised …Valentine’s Day was never our thing.

It was never just about you and me. We usually did stuff with a group of friends. To be honest, I can’t remember a single V-day except for 2009 when we had a fight at that party.

Ok let’s backtrack:

2008 – we got together after V-day.

2009 – we went to that party with friends, had a fight, solved it.

2010 – we were back together but it was sort of supposed to be hush-hush so maybe we stayed in? Was it pizza and a movie?

Wow. So I guess it really won’t be a sad day. I’ve always hated Valentine’s day and I will continue to.

But, not because it’ll make me miss you and think of memories. But simply because,

It’s stupid to try to make only one day special, to show your love to someone. Love is something to be shared every day.

Weren’t those your sentiments?