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So I started researching my chapter on minorities in December 2011 and now I finally have to get started on actually writing it…

What bothers me is that no matter where I go, there isn’t enough research to truly paint an appropriate picture. I realise that the ground situation needs to be explained and that has been done to some extent by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and the Minority Rights Group International.

But what about the statistics? Should not the Pakistani government carry out a survey to determine the population of Ahmaddis, Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs? Furthermore, shouldn’t there be a legitimate list of all the religious minorities without throwing in different sects of Muslims with different Shia and Sunni sects?

I’m a stickler for details and structure so when I research, I need that exactly. So where are the details other than news paper reports such as those of 40 Ahmaddi graves being desecrated?

And just for the sake of having solid numbers to explain a point, where am I supposed to get a list of all the people who have been accused of Blasphemy that belonged to a minority?