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For the love of my life,

Why did you feel the need to prove that everybody else was right?…
No I… won’t fight

If you could envision
The meaning of a tragedy
You might be surprised to hear it’s you and me.



The Prominent men in my life, excluding my father of course, like to think of themselves as these characters they put on like clothes. They have clichés in nature of character, they will not admit to. They are easy to figure out, but they will refuse to agree. These clothes they put on: Well, there’s the standard underpants, because I like men neat and clean and tidy, lets give them under shirts too. So there is a white t-shirt and a white underpants for each of these boys — whoops MEN.

This white underwear portrays a simple side to them that does not demand a desperate attempt to figure out its simplicity. It is what it is on the surface, apparent to the naked eye. They are good, decent and loving. They are extremely vulnerable people and as I’d like to believe (rather how I see it) they’re only human. All of us are clad in…

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