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So the day started with my boss talking about her horoscope for 2012. She talked about how ominous it was and at first I just assumed that it was her personalised reading. When she told me it was for Scorpio, the first thought that ran through my mind was “Wasn’t 2011 bad enough? Is this really how its going to be?”

I had already read my personalised daily forecast (which is often accurate), however, I did not realise that what I had just read was for 31st December and1st January. When I found the one for 2nd January, this is what I found:

It’s About Time

Prepare yourself for big changes on at least one front. Your home life, career and relationship status are all up for grabs right now, and while the process may seem difficult at the moment, the end result will be delightful. Ready?

Now, I’m not sure whether this means the move which technically happened in mid-December or is there another big change coming which I’m currently unaware of?

I have needed a career change and I’ve been looking into it so that might be it. However, ever since February 2010, not a night has gone by where I haven’t prayed for change regarding love in my life.

After becoming obsessed with knowing more about this supposed ‘change’, I went around looking for readings on different sites. They all basically said the same thing – 2012 will be a difficult year for Scorpio with a major change in November.

Then I came across one reading which brought me to a halt. A few seconds were spent staring at the screen.

…as you move into the New Year you’re in the final months of a Saturn cycle that began in 1982 and you’ve been winding down, processing and making sense of since late 2009.

Since late 2009? Drum-roll please because that’s what this prediction deserves…

 It was in October 2009 that Saturn began a wind down process that will take nearly 3 years to complete, of closing old doors, understanding and summing up where you’ve been and stripping away all the clutter from your life, ready to move on and embrace your future.

Saturn began its wind down process in October 2009 and along with it, it took away someone very dear to me. Since then, I was sent on a journey of discovery. What I discovered was – I was in love. For me, that came as a surprise as I had never been the sort of person to feel so much for another to resemble any kind of dependency. I had always been detached and that suited me fine. Thanks to that, there was never any sadness or pain for my father’s sins; nor was I ever attached to the father that was presented to me – for me to feel loss at his leaving.

But In October of 2009, my heart was ripped apart. I felt what love was. And I felt pain. There was no solace.

And in November of 2009, by some strange twist of fate, I was reunited with my love. I felt whole again. My heart was full and complete. Since then on to 2010, there was no challenge I couldn’t tackle. No matter how hard and painful it used to get. I could never give up. My love was more important. I had realised in those two excruciating months – as had he.

‘…a wind down process that will take nearly 3 years to complete’? So you mean to say that since October 2009, this process of Saturn is what has been happening? ‘…of closing old doors, understanding and summing up where you’ve been’ to teach me what love is, what loss is? To help me understand why the relationships before did not work out?

You’ll open the door to the future and a brand new Saturn cycle on the 6th October, with your birthday this year representing not only the start of a new solar year, but the start of a whole new life chapter, opening the door to a new 30 year long Saturn cycle.

Without understanding what that part was supposed to mean for me and what I went through during that time, I move forward. ‘The start of a whole new life chapter, opening the door to a new 30 year long Saturn cycle.’ God I hope that’s something I’ve been hoping for and for it to last for the next 30 years. It feels like all that’s happened since ’87 till now will finally take a turn for something healthy …I hope.

Until Saturn returns to your sign you’ll need to look back to reflect… the first half of the year is very focused on your personal life with Jupiter, planet of luck in your relationship sector until the 12th June and Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasies returning to your romantic sector on the 4th February, where he’ll remain until 2026.

Aside from this, I came across another horoscope reading for 2012 which said, ‘Marriage could become possible for the unmarried during this year in the second half of the year.’

Considering my life since October 2009 till now, and upon reading the part about Neptune remaining till 2026, a huge part of me wishes that it’s referring to a certain something that I’ve wanted and prayed for.

On both the romantic and relationship fronts there is a lot of second chances,

Second chances? What I wouldn’t give for second chances.

but also opportunities for a fresh start, with both Jupiter and Neptune starting over or going back to something that started last year, but put on hold.

What I wouldn’t give for something that started last year to be given that second chance. Because when it happened, all I could think was that it was just put on hold. It took months for me to box away those dreams. Although I never managed to let go of the dreams, I did somehow manage to push them far away into a box where they can’t be harmed. Part of me, though, still hopes and wishes that it was all just put on hold. That it’ll come back to me.

A total solar eclipse in your sign on the 12th November, by which time Saturn will be here, indicates some major new beginnings on the personal front.

As for that major change to happen in November, I finally found some sort of satisfying answer. So November 2012, will involve beginnings. My home life has already experienced a major change in December 2011 – since I moved out of my childhood home which I had lived in my whole life. Changes in career life are something I’m aiming towards but what I’m trying for are small changes, the indicated change seems huge. So then again I’m left to wonder, and I hope to God that the new beginning that has been foreseen – it involves my love.

Extracts: Scorpio Horoscope: 2012
Based on Moon sign: 2012 Scorpio Horoscope