November 14th, 2011

You’re on the right road, and you know it. You can tell by the way every light automatically turns green just as you arrive. That doesn’t mean you’re off duty, though. You may have it all under control — but isn’t there someone you’d like to share the wealth with?

Haha well yes, I see what you mean. Its been an uphill ride for a while now and although I’ve been looking left and right for danger, I’ve been safe. All I had to do was go with it! As for ‘sharing the wealth’, you have no idea how much I’d like that; but my heart is still recovering. The healing is a long process and although I can’t rush it, I can try at least take the steps that seem to help. At least sometimes…

Love: No matter how maddening their idiosyncrasies are, you love them. You really do. Repeat that over and over and over again, until you believe it.

Hmm… I guess this doesn’t apply to me at this point in my life. As for the slow and steady, I hit a few bumps. Although I didn’t see …the presence was felt. It shook me to my core; and although the connection is now broken, there are frayed remnants of it..

My meeting your family is no less painful for me than it is bothersome for you. And I won’t pretend that it didn’t sting when she asked about mine ..as you know well, the last thing to connect the two were the promises. Those that now lay broken somewhere in time. Too far lost now, perhaps.

Energy: Don’t even bother trying to rush. It won’t agree with your current rhythm, and it won’t get you where you want to go. Taking your time now — that’s the ticket.

Hahaha! Agreed. I’m not rushing anything! I’m just going to take things as they go and not over think or push. What is meant to be will happen.

Career: Much as you’d like to, taking time off may not be possible — not without causing a serious rift in your work situation, at least. Try to work out a delayed compromise.

No kidding! Good thing that occurred to me today or the situation would have turned bad. A small effort and some confidence from my side is all that was needed, I guess. Things always calm down when it’s what I aim for.

It’s a pity I don’t aim for calm all the time. I guess I enjoy my life in waves. And I ride every wave thoroughly basking in whatever it may bring.