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The writer of the blog post The Disadvantages of Being a Man – Jason Thibeault acknowledging my previous post in RCimT: Further Privilege Readings:

‘A reader named Eris87 posted her thoughts on my Disadvantages post, from her perspective living in Pakistan. It’s worth a read in its own right for the cross-cultural implications of some of what I’ve discussed. That and it praises me liberally, which I naturally enjoyed very much.’

Aaaw thanks Jason, the praise was well deserved in my opinion.

There are some great links mentioned in the second post by the way which I’ve been checking out:

One being, Jadehawk’s Blog which has a line that I found absolutely hilarious and utterly true!: ‘most people under 25**** are fucking idiots who know a little bit of everything, and think that means they know everything.’

In the same post, another interesting line to understand which, I helped myself with examples: Guys I know who are sexist e.g. among many, Belal is a sexist; a guy I know whose a sexist bordering on misogyny e.g. Nadir. Hmmm. Here it is: ‘it seems people use “misogynist” as a stronger version of “sexist”: someone who’s sexist is merely prejudiced, someone who’s misogynist is someone who actually hates women.’

The second link is to David Futrelle’s blog. With an introduction like ‘Misogyny. I mock it.’ I was intrigued. Upon deeper digging I came across a few funny lines by the writer which I shall quote below:

The post titled Women wearing makeup, nutshots, toilet seats in the down position, and other signs of male oppression is interesting as the writer addresses comments by a reader called ‘Really?’ who asks simply idiotic questions and goes on and on. One response by the writer which I loved was:

‘Uh, yeah. Very few MRAs suggest merely that we “consider men’s rights and women’s responsibilities a little bit for a change.” Instead, they write out long crazy lists like yours, attempting to portray men as horribly oppressed slaves at the hands of evil feminazi matriarchs.’ – perfectly put, my friend.

Absolutely HILARIOUS post titled Feminism or death? by David Futrelle is:

‘Here’s the entirety of a recent post by an MRA who calls himself Snark:

Uh, dude, I think you’ve confused “feminists” with “Daleks.”