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In Child Rights Information Network’s (CRIN August 17th newsletter issue, there’s some interesting information I’d like to share…

‘In the wake of last week’s riots in cities across the United Kingdom, Prime Minister David Cameron has declared war on the “chilling effect” and “corrosive influence” human rights are having on people’s behaviour and morality in an effort to mend “our broken society”.

To this end, Cameron has proposed a civilian version of national service for all 16-year-olds to inculcate in them The Three Ds: discipline, duty and decency.

In a bid to hand down tougher sentences to those convicted of offences committed during the riots, magistrates courts have allegedly been asked to “disregard normal sentencing guidelines” – also known as “the law”, as one online publication put
it. For example in Manchester, a young man has been charged with burglary and faces possible jail time for helping himself to two scoops of ice-cream and a cone.

However, Cameron’s defiant stance contrasts somewhat from his undergraduate years at Oxford University, when he was a member of the Bullingdon Club, a fraternity notorious for its ritualistic smashing up of property – but the finer kind of course, such as restaurant crockery and antique violins.

In addition, Members of Parliament (MPs) have, in their droves, been demanding that those involved are evicted from social housing, lose their benefits and face maximum jail terms. But strangely, we don’t remember such demands when the scandal over MPs’ expenses erupted.

Indeed, there seems to be a discrepancy in how offences are dealt with depending on who commits them – social discrimination alive and well perhaps?’

[This extract has been taken out from a newsletter of CRIN. (@CRINwire on twitter)]

The extract offers some interesting points to consider. And seriously! Bulglary for stealing ice cream!? …’nuffsaid.