Ok so most people don’t understand how i can stand gore in movies but dude! it’s awesome seeing the creativity and imagination they put into it. the effects and the ways and the expressions on the actor’s face! johnny depp looked so hot looking up at the blades in sweeney todd that it gave me butterflies(in a GOOD way)!
ok so maybe i am twisted for finding ‘homicidal’ types hot but only in movies! it’s not real so for a fantasy it’s cool. atleast they’re predictable when they’re on a murderous spree as opposed to ones that just say stuff to get into your pants. it makes sense if you really think about it…;)

aaanyway, so i’ve realised that i’m not the only cold person in this world. some people are just non-expressive and don’t show their real emotions even if they want it. it all depends on their past experiences and you have to face it, it’s human nature to protect oneself. it’s called survival!
so if a girl has seen mostly assholes, guys who say one thing and have hidden agendas, then ofcourse she’ll naturally learn to be on her guard keeping her emotions in check 24/7 and only being expressive on rare ocassions i.e. mushy moments :p. lol.
trust issues and bitterness being what the “cold-heartless bitches” of the world have to fight within themselves. and besides, every cold person in this world is cold because someone made them that way. they don’t realize it but if somebody has an effect on you whether you want them to or not, you react to others the same way you think you should’ve reacted to ‘that’ person. survival to protect our feelings, our egos and our pride. the best thing to overcome somebody’s barriers is understanding. just be understanding and everything will work out for the best unless fate has another path for you. i’m a strong believer in fate but it doesn’t mean you accept everything that happens but fight for what you desire. and then have faith that you’ll get what’s for your “own good”.

a close friend once told me that she’d decided to “be a lover, not a hater”. it’s again going on faith. love him as much and show your feelings when the need be, not be whiny and high-maintenance 24/7 and he’ll come to you. like her guy friend told her that a guy would always pick the girl who loves him than the girl who gives him attitude. sure every girl knows that some times you have to play hard-to-get to get him closer but that’s when you’re playing. when you want something real, you have to be real too. so show him you care and if fate doesn’t interfere too much, you’ll get him. and trust me! fate WILL interfere if he’s an asshole then he doesn’t deserve you so don’t worry, prince charming will come.

just be careful that you don’t scare away prince charming just because you got screwed over by some frogs. be yourself, he’ll love you for who you are or he doesn’t deserve you but remember, he can’t love you if he doesn’t see who you really are.

so bottom-line, embrace yourself and have faith in love! it exists and it’s the most satisfying human feeling you could ever experience :).