So i’m obsessed with ‘The Covenant’ soundtrack and i go to illusions to get it but instead get Evanescence’s album coz they don’t have it. And! I find babyface! Well actually i didn’t then, at that point the only thing i noticed was his friend saying “beautiful” when he walked by me. So i go and my aunt decides to order take-out from pizza hut so we wait in the car. While we’re waiting i see that ‘friend’ and then i see babyface turn and smile at me, well hello to you too! So they’re getting coffee and i see him looking through his phone, my guess was he was looking for my number and then i get a call! LMAO!!! He’s got his back to my car and he’s calling me. Long time no see, i was just headed to a party, you look hot, where have you been…etc. Funny thing is i CAN’T remember his name!! I feel sooo bad, i don’t even remember what he does or his name…:D So well that was an interesting blast from the past.

Alot of those going around by the way as i’m being…confused by my ex who, i don’t know, is having problems with his girl or wants me back or just doesn’t want to be single incase he breaks up with her. I don’t know! I just thought maybe if i saw him once it would bring me back to reality and he’d be a changed guy and remind me of how he was so NOT hot and not the one i fell in love with or whatever and so i’d get over him but since his girl would get “hurt” if he met up with me, he won’t meet me! I mean why would she get hurt!? It’s not like you still like me, you keep telling me how you love her then what are you so scared of? You won’t have feelings for me and so just meet me so i can get over myself and stop being such a fool!! If you don’t think you can be friends with me then fine, meet me one last time and walk out of my life and i won’t bother you ever again! Just stop messing with my head.
Ok i admit maybe i’m getting my hopes up but you’re not helping. You say confusing things and i get roped back in all over again. I want you to be happy but why do you insist on hurting me…