Well it was a test and it worked. I asked him for advice on my relationship issues and since it’s just easy taking to him, I told him everything and he helped me realise what I have to do. When I was talking to him it was like just him and nothing else in the world existed. It was half and hour later that I realised what I had done and I was so shocked at the effect he had on me. Anyway he’s moved on and we’re friends so I’m going to be his friend and even when he’s talking about her I’m going to put my feelings aside and give him my unbiased advice. Just because I want to be there for him. I care so I’ll help because she makes him happy. It’s true that if I hadn’t held back we could’ve still been together but then I would’ve kept him from her so that’s unfair. What’s done is done and I have to move on.

I’m leaving and i’ll have other things on my mind again and what a welcome change that’ll be. Well until I leave i’m just going out with friends everyday and just relaxing. Very useless but I don’t know what else I can do now in a month. I like these friends. They may not be very close but atleast they are there, unlike those friends who were supposedly close and have disappeared. Everybody moves on i guess, which is what I plan to do when i leave.