So ok i’ve realized i just can’t enjoy parties anymore. i don’t get it though but the last one i remember is fazeel’s halloween one. i remember dancing like anything and i remember ‘golddigger’, that guy asking me to dance with him and ali blowing sheesha smoke in my face.

Last one i had the best time ever at was the a-1 farewell with the whole atmosphere and ‘saaki’ coming on and ‘get right’, that was adorable. i’ll never forget it. i wish i could go back in time and relive those days, i’d give anything…

Oh and they played ‘summer jam’ today and i remembered the a-1 welcome and how he got sick but didn’t tell me coz he didn’t want to “ruin my night” and he got annoyed by the fact that i danced with ahmed without telling him. silly.


Well my new life starts when i go to australia and even though it’s not ok to run away but for a year i felt i belonged here and again i feel like i don’t so i’ll leave.
I’m not running away from this life, i’m going in search for a better one.