Well interesting. He’s back in town and I can’t get that out of my head! I mean i don’t care but i’m curious. Maybe i should meet him so i can realize that he’s nothing special and see all his faults all over again so i can forget this “amazing” image of him i have made up in my head
This is soooo infuriating! and i don’t even have his no.

Aaaaanyway! I had the most amazing time yesterday but i guess with people you know there it’s alot of fun. I danced with everyone and in the last song since we had been dancing for 4 hours straight, my legs were literally killing me but couldn’t stop dancing! *sigh* This i will never forget. :D

Eid is soooo boring! Maybe that’s why i can’t stop thinking about this one thing, but i can’t help it! I sooo badly want to do something that i didn’t do before just to have it ticked off my list of things i regret not doing. just to make it one less ‘what if’ to weigh in on my mind. But seriously eid is really boring. The only entertainment today was with my cousins and then watching a movie with shez. THe guys in the movie were soooo hot! They had everything a girl would want….looks, money, power and hot rides :D.