Eid is sooooooooooooo boring!! The only thing good about this one was that it was right before new years eve so I got to have some fun. I stayed the night at shez’s place and while she was on the phone with her ex, I fell asleep. We watched the movie the next day so that was ok and since I didn’t have credit, boyfriend ‘sahab’ thought I was ignoring him. LOL.
Oh maaan, Hamza on the dance floor! He’s sooo adorable and he flirts shamelessly so no harm done since I can get bike rides AND he’s got hot biceps :D (as lame as that sounds). Dr. was funny, he got all offended when people asked him to step aside and let the ‘couple’ dance. People should just butt out, I mean I choose who I dance with! And frankly nobody wants to dance with someone who complains about how he can’t dance to the song, the point is to have fun so if you can’t dance to this song then just say “lets dance on the next song” instead of annoying me.