So well i recently went to hyderabad and visited all these small districts around it in interior sindh. All i found was poverty and cruelty to animals and…well basically bad stuff everywhere. It makes me sad and want to do something about it so i will, eventually, write a letter to the human rights association and society for cruelty to animals or something.

Well anyway i was really really bored in hyderabad!! All i did was go to these places and yawn as my mom talked business, and sit in the car listening to music (which btw i was getting sick of). When we’d get back to the guest house i’d watch the same old channels we have in isb so that wasn’t fun either. I started bugging my mom to come home early and so finally she got fed up and we came a day earlier than we were supposed to. As we were landing in isb i saw the lights and i felt sooooo happy that i can’t describe it. I am SO grateful to live in this city. It’s amazing and perfect and if it gets malls it’ll be the best! but still, i wanted to get off the plane and kiss the ground! That’s how grateful i was to be back home.

And then i saw my kitties!! They look so big and fluffy, the maid didn’t let them go hungry for even a second. I have no idea how i’m going to leave them when i go for college but i’d rather not think about it for now. Or i’ll have a heartattack…

Another thing i realized today is that i haven’t seen any of my friends from school ever since it ended. It made me sad, they’re all in their new lives and i’m still waiting for mine to begin. I hope it’s not going to come bite me in the ass later.

P.S.:My shoulder still hurts :( and now so does my leg from being thrown around in car coz of the bumpy roads :(