Anthony Stewart Head has such a great voice!!!

Anyway I’m really pissed off! My friend P is such a b**ch! I mean I’m always so nice to her and freindly and caring. Today she did that thing again where she insults me and everybody laughs, then she looks and me and goes “You know I’m just kidding, right” Right my a**! That pissed me off so much and I hate it when she does that. Is she stupid or just a jerk? R laughed his head off and since he knows me so damn well now ( which i will regret for everyday of my life) he knew that insulted me and he also knows I wouldnt say anything even if I did mind. He’s such a jerk aswell, he’s gonna laugh his butt off knowing how much I hate him making fun of me! The only nice “friend” I have in this damned group is the one who I’m not close to at all. I hate having these stupid hypocrites as “friends”. She said we should watch a movie together. Hah! As if I’ll watch a movie with her after the way she is towards me.

Anyway, now I can’t wait for this next school year to finish so I can get outta this country full of liars, jerks and hypocrites. And be away from these people who call themselves my friends but wouldn’t even notice if I disappeared from infront of their eyes. Ok enough whining for now.

More Harry Potter to read and maybe if my dear cousins aren’t busy I’ll hang out with them today :D.