Yes by the way, I got Harry Potter too!! Very proud with that but I’m feeling bad for asking for an advance on my allowance. I was hoping to buy DVDs with it. Anyway, I was also very disappointed by not being able to go with my cousins to ‘Hot Spot’. They’re also busy today but I haven’t called but still (*hint hint* :P). 

Ooh most important thing! I started my internship at the hospital again and this time R was working with me. I had fun but it was also hard to keep my mind off how i let a great guy go. He seems to be over it but still! I hate feeling this nagging voice telling me I’m an idiot. And seriously, when is the jealousy going to end? I’m so sick of it but i can’t help feeling it, for my own friends! How bad is that!? Whatever, he wants a white girl, he can have his white girl!

Soo yes, What else is new? Oh yea, I got checked out by this very cute guy who now that I think of it, looked at me the same way MJ once had. Maybe that’s what got me to think it was ok to give him a smile. Yes by desi standards that would make me a flirt but why not it’s just a smile after all and I had fun. What i found cute was that he even asked his sisters to look over at our table and their view got blocked when my mom sat infront of me :D. I’m basically a satisfied human being today. I also said all my prayers which adds to the list of good things today. Maybe, meeting an old friend and being able to tell him I’m available again and see that smile on his face, is also on the list. Hehehe…Ok now i’m off and back to being a saint. ;)