How-to: Squish to Condish for Curly Hair


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So, it has been years since I last wrote anything here but I noticed that my old Curly Girl Method post still gets views and comments so I figured I might as well add an update to that.

Thanks to ‘rona, Pakistan has shut imports and us curlies have had to rely on limited stock of whatever we can find. I have had to use a non-CG conditioner myself! I know… the shaame! Kidding! Kidding!

The Garnier Ultimate Blends argan oil I’m using at the moment has an isopropyl alcohol so it’s drying but at least it’s not coating my hair with silicones. It is a thick conditioner so at least the slip for detangling is great.

I am able to find Suave Essentials conditioners which are CG safe so if you can’t find this Garnier one, just go with those. All Suave Essentials conditioner scents are CG.

If you’re having trouble with detangling because of the weather and dryness from non-CG products, I’ve just uploaded a video to my youtube channel on how to squish-to-condish to detangle:

I will post more videos on curly hair in the future on the channel, and I’ll try to do another post here about which CG products are available in Pakistan these days to help you out.

Stay safe, you beautiful people!